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Coconut sugar is still sugar, but we'll come back to that. The first issue is that we have a choice to make.

Coconut sugar, also called coconut palm sugar, is made by cutting the coconut flower and draining the sap. This of course kills the flower that otherwise would have been a coconut. So there is your choice. Producing more coconut sugar means less availability and higher prices on coconut oil, milk, flakes and flour. Is it worth it?

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So much has changed in the healthly living world the past years, but at the same time, healthy living is still healthy living.

To prove my point, here is an article I wrote about the Paleo diet from my very first health focused website that I built in 2002. Yes, the Paleo diet was around 12 years ago, but then it was more commonly referred to as the Paleolithic diet.

It is a lot of these ideas that Worth it Lifestyle is built on. That if you start looking at the foods that damage our bodies and the foods that heal our bodies you’re going to land pretty close to the paleo diet.

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